The Symposium will be accompanied by technical exhibition on EMC and RF/microwave measurements and instrumentation. Manufacturers and distributors of EMC-related equipment and tools, measurement and EMC test equipment, spectrum monitoring and measurement systems, protecting device and components, microwave instrumentation, electromagnetic analysis and synthesis software are very welcome.

The technical exhibition will be held from 9 AM on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, to 4 PM on Thursday, September 7, 2023. The technical exhibition will take place in selected rooms of the Qubus Hotel**** in Kraków and and in the tent set up at the venue entrance. Technical exhibition locations are as follows:

  • in the hotel building in the Club room – I room (level 0, near courtyard, booth I1-I6),
  • in the hotel building in the Jazz – J room (level -1, under the restaurant, booth J1-J18),
  • in a tent set up in the courtyard of the hotel– T room (level 0, at the entrance to the restante, booth T1-T28).

The exhibition areas are directly accessible from the conference rooms and ensure that delegates have every opportunity to visit the exhibition.

Some information about the technical exhibition and sponsoring opportunities you can find in the Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors flyer.

Exhibition booths offer

You can order all or part of the following items using EXHIBITOR’S REGISTRATION FORM:

  • completely equipped single standard exhibition booth (€ 2000) or bigger one (as a multiple of the standard booth) or special according to your needs (in this case please see details advisable in the EXHIBITOR’S REGISTRATION FORM and contact Exhibition Chairs for individual agreement). Examples of single standard exhibition booth arrangement as well as double standard booth arrangement are presented below.
An example the standard booth arrangement (2m x 2m = 4 m2)

An example the standard booth arrangement
(2m x 2m = 4 m2)

An example of the double standard booth arrangement
(4m x 2m = 8 m2)

Standard exhibition booth package includes

Special exhibition booth package includes

  • extra paid service for Exhibitors 
    • badge, lanyard, ID, lunch, coffee breaks and administrative services: € 60 per day (mandatory),
    • participation of Exhibitor’s representatives in some conference events:
      • one additional invitation to the Symposium Cocktail in Stara Zajezdnia (Old Tram Depot) by DeSilva on September 6, 2023 (Wednesday):
        • € 45 (till 31st May) 
        • € 50 (from 1st June),
      • one invitation to the Symposium gala dinner in former salt mine in Wieliczka on September 5, 2023 (Tuesday):
        • € 100 (till 31st May, 2023) 
        • € 120 (from 1st June, 2023),

Advertisement add-ons offer (without the need to order a booth)

  • full colour page advertisement in Final Conference Program (distributed among conference participants, size A5), inside page or pages (full colour page): € 500,
  • distribution of information materials among conference participants in the form of a company’s leaflet (max 10 page) or USB stick in all conference bags: € 850,
  • an advertising banner in the form of a roll-up (placed in areas attended by participants): € 650.

Exhibitors are also invited to organize workshops or tutorials. Detailed information can be found here.  

It is also possible to take advantage of many sponsorship opportunities. Some proposals of sponsorship packages for EMC Europe 2023 can be found here as well as in the Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors flyer.

Any forms of sponsorship (i.e. technical, financial, media) to promote the conference and/or increase its quality are also very welcome.